Underarm Sweat Absorbing Pads

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If you have ever suffered an embarrassing sweaty hug, a sweat-soaked job interview or an awkward high-five, then you know you are better off not been subjected to those moments and situations. Thankfully, the Underarm Sweat Absorbing Pads makes it possible to go all day without suffering any sweaty underarm.

The Underarm Sweat Absorbing Pads comes with 4 levels of safety, is easy to use and uniquely designed to trap sweat while letting air in through its sweat-proof patchesStopping unwanted sweat and regaining lost confidence is definitely a game changer and that is what the Underarm Sweat Absorbing Pads is designed to do.


  • PortableLightweight: portable and hygienic, easy to take along anywhere.
  • All Day Confidence: keeps you dry and cool all day.
  • Strong Self-Adhesive to the Cloth: no worries about movement of leaving position.
  • Stain Free: keep your favorite cloth underarm area completely stain free at all times.
  • Universally Compatible: suitable for men, women and children alike.


  • Material: Cotton Pad
  • Weight: 4g
  • Size: 3.14inch x 4.84inch x 3.74inch
  • Color: White


  • 20 PCS x Underarm Sweat Absorbing Pads

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