Wireless UVC Light & Germ Sterilizer


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When bacteria or other types of microbes are directly exposed to certain types of UV light, the DNA (its fundamental building block) of the cell is damaged, preventing it from replicating. If a cell cannot reproduce, then the cell cannot cause infection, which is how UV light kills bacteria and germs.

The UV process is a physical (light) process as opposed to the addition of chemicals to address microbiological issues. This is important because it allows UV to kill bacteria and other microorganisms without adding pollutants to your home, office or car. Typical anti-bacterial chemicals are also known to be carcinogenic!



Ultraviolet is strong and not safe for humans, pets or plants to be exposed to for long periods of time (limit your exposure to a few seconds or less!). Leave the room after turning the Tekwase UV Light on.

The UV light is not safe to disinfect your body or hands. It should only be used to sterilize bathrooms, interior of car, kitchen, etc.

1) Place the Tekwase UV Light in desired location for disinfection

2) Press hold power button for 3-5 seconds (power light will turn on). Leave the location and close the door immediately.

3) The UVC light will activate after 10 seconds and begin emitting UVC light waves, killing bacteria and other germs.

4) Device will turn off atomically after 15 minutes.

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