Silicone Bra Strap Pad (1 Pair)


Is your Bra strap digging into your shoulder and leaving marks? Worry no more! We’ve got a solution for you!

  • Get rid of the daily torture you endure because of bra straps with these comfortable bra strap pads, especially if you are a fuller-busted.

Do you suffer from permanent shoulder indentations from bra straps?

  • Give your shoulders amazing relief with these bra strap pads.

Are you embarrassed by constantly pulling up your bra straps in public?

  • These anti-slip silicone pads will keep your bra straps on your shoulders.

PAIN RELIEF: Prevent bra straps from digging into your shoulders and get relief from painful bra strap pressure.

ANTI-SLIP: The soft silicone pads keep the bra straps on your shoulders all day, avoiding the embarrassment of bra straps falling in public.

PREMIUM QUALITY: Made of non-toxic and weatherproof silica, providing excellent elasticity, soft touch and suitable for daily use.

SUITABLE FOR MOST BRA STRAPS: Eliminate the need to buy a new bra. Perfect during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

A PERFECT GIFT IDEA :These Bra Strap Pads are worthy of a wonderful present to your precious friend or the women in your family.

EFFORTLESS USAGE : It’s really simple, just slip the shoulder pads under your bra straps, lift the flaps on top of the pad and insert your strap. These bra strap pads are compact size, not too bulky and one size fits any bra straps. Best of all, you can put them on yourself, no need for a helper and they don't pop off or affect the proper fit of the bra.

EASY TO USE : Washable and Reusable.

ATTENTION: This product is not good to wear if you are in very hot or humid conditions for a long time or trying to wear a backpack. Please do not purchase this product if your skin is easily irritated or are allergic to silicone.


ONE pair of Bra Strap Pads.

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