Wall Hole Sealing Mortar

Don't worry about insects and bacteria crawling in from drainage pipes and air-conditioning holes any more. Wall hole clay can easily block the holes on the wall and ground. Harden after three days, Waterproof, insect proof and odor proof


Product Material: Made from Polymerized glue and filled powder material, the product is healthy and environmentally friendly, formaldehyde-free, waterproof and Fire resistant

Wide Application: Pipe wall groove filling, air conditioning pipe wall gap filling, water pipe butt filling.

Easy to Use: High plasticity; easy to use; soft for deformation; easy to shape; simple operation; filling the mouse hole, air conditioning hole, socket and so on.

Easy to Operate: Self-contained cooling rubber products, automatically fix objects after seeing the wind, and it is easy to operate.

Important Tips: Make sure the seal is dry and clean before use.


Product features:not sticky, color dropping, cracking, expansion and strong shaping force

Material: Clay

Package include

1* Wall hole sealing mortar

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