Paint Roller Brush Painting Handle Tool


The  Paint Roller Brush Painting Handle Tool will provide a perfect solution for the home decoration and furniture renovation.

Excellent Paint Brush  The Paint Roller Brush is for painting large surfaces, such as the wall, door, floor, ceiling, roof.

Long-Lasting Quality - ReusableNo wasting time bending down often to your paint tray to reload the roller. 
  •  Tips: Do not fill too full. Fill 50%-70% full of paint every time is enough.
    (This kind of paint roller will leak a little if it's too full. And it may be too heavy for ladies and kids if fill 100% full. After our experiment, fill with 50% of paint is perfect for using every time.)
  • Save the time and money - No prep time, NO drop sheets, NO tape masking. 
Simply open the paint runner pro roller and fill it up with 900ml of paint. 

With the included pole adapter you can use virtually any broom handle to paint ceilings in a flash.

Package Included: 
  • 8 Packs: 1 x roller paint pro;1 x flocked edger;1 x corner pad;1 x resting tray;1 x easy-pour-jug;3 x extension handle.


    Question:How long is the telescopic stick?

    Answer:Hi! The 75cm long telescopic stick in its maximum extension allows you to work most of the walls without the need for any ladder!

    Question:Does this paint roller waste extra paint? Or can you squeeze the excess out of the roller when you're done, before cleaning it?

    Answer:Hi! This type of rollers does not waste any paint, you just have to pour the extra paint into the can after you finish painting.

    Question:How do you connect the edger to the handle?
    Answer:1.Unscrew the nut on the edger handle
                 2.Insert the edger handle into the hole on the back of the edger head
                 3.Open the lid on the front of the edger head
                 4.Screw the nut back to the edger handle
    Question:Does the paint drip?

    Answer:Does not drip, but is not suitable for overfilling.

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