FlavorFill™ Spice Bottle & Spoon (3PCS)


The secret to any scrumptious dish is using the right spices! FlavorFill™ makes spices easy to store and use, so you can give any meal the flavor boost it needs!

Stack up your kitchen with bright & fresh herbs and seasoning!

Integrated Spoon and Lid

FlavorFill™ comes with a practical and unique design that combines the spice bottle and spoon! Allows you to scoop up any spice or seasoning of your choice without wasting time looking for spoons or worse, using your hands.

Simply lift off the lid and use the spoon to put the spices in your dish. Now you can get irresistibly appetizing dishes without the hassle!

Wide Storage

FlavorFill™ is perfect for storing sugar, salt, spices, herbs, oils, sauces, honey, coffee, baby food, and more! No need to sort through so many jars and bottles!

Saves space, time, and effort in the kitchen!  

Ultra-Tight Seal

This bottle comes with an ultra-strength seal that protects your spices from liquid, food, or bacterial contamination. Even better, it locks in flavor and freshness so you can keep using your spices for years! 

Makes using spices easy & hygienic!

Durable & Easy to Organize

Made with food-grade premium glass material, FlavorFill™ doesn't rust, retain bad odors, or give out in extreme heat!

Even better, its transparent glass makes it easy to see which spice you are using. Now you can focus on making your food to perfection without mistakes!

Used For Cooking, Baking, Grilling

Make delicious spicy chicken curry! Garnish your pasta dishes with dried basil! Top off your cakes with ground cinnamon! Make Asian pork tenderloins with sesame oil! Grill veggies with a drizzle of olive oil! 

FlavorFill™ lets you make a wide variety of dishes from different cuisines with ease!

Make creative international dishes with ease!

"Love these seasoning jars! I buy my spices in bulk and these cute little jars are JUST perfect for holding spices!"

Why choose FlavorFill™ Spice Bottle & Spoon?

  • Makes using spices easy and efficient
  • Spoon + bottle design for practical use
  • Stores many ingredients, spices, seasoning & food
  • Durable & long-lasting material
  • Lets you sort through spices easily
  • Protects spices from contamination
  • Keeps spices fresh and flavorful 
  • Helps you create unique dishes easily


1 x FlavorFill™ Spice Bottle & Spoon (3PCS)

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