Cutlery Cleaner Brush

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Washing cutlery can be consuming...
Not to mention that it’s unsafe when knives are involved.

BUT NOW, with the help of this Cutlery Cleaner Brush, 
you won't have to worry about safety anymore when washing sharp knives and other cutleries!

Innovative Design

It has a U-shaped design to properly clean both sides of the cutlery with just a single swipe.

Keeps your fingers away from the cutlery, especially when you're washing knives!

Silicone handle for you to have a proper grip when using it.

Perfect for handwashing ANY cutlery!!!

It can also be used on: 

- knives, 
- cleavers, 
- forks, 
- and more!

Convenient size and easy to store...

When not in use, you can simply put it on the side of a dish rack or basin.

Durability at its best!

Made with high-quality plastic so you can use this product for years!

Keep your hands safe when handwashing sharp cutleries...

Yes, you can by using this Cutlery Cleaner Brush! Get it NOW!!

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