Anti-Fatigue Unisex Compression Socks



Aching feet can kill your day. High heel shoes or any other kind of daily discomfort may cause severe pain in your feet. It is obvious that we cannot take off the shoes in the middle of the business day. What we need is something that we can wear within our shoes and it has a healing effect gradually. 

 Anti-fatigue compression foot sleeve provides relief for achy heels and feet.

Therapy wrap may help to relieve pain & discomfort in your foot. The best treatment for plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon, stress fracture, edema, splint, swelling, metatarsal, heel pain symptoms - Ideal for basketball, running, soccer, training, CrossFit

Helps improve blood circulation, reduces muscle fatigue, especially if on your feet for long periods of time, or traveling - Open heel, toeless, free toes

Our stabilizer relieves muscle stiffness, extra soreness and offers rejuvenating relief from arthritis, osteoporosis, tendonitis, sprains, pain & discomfort, allowing you to perform at your peak in any situation

S/M: women's shoe size 6-9.5, men's shoe size 5.5-9.5
L/XL: women's shoe size 10-13.5, men's shoe size 10-13

Material: Nylon
Package Includes: 1 x a pair of Anti-fatigue compression foot sleeve

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