Uruguay Natural Amethyst

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URUGUAY NATURAL AMETHYST, Here we go another New Year, a New Beginning. How about you start with a good positive energy around you, let's make the change today, Life has so many things for you waiting, but you must act Now in faith...


  1. Positive energy in your Relationship.
  2. Rids your home of negative energy, while attracting positive energy.
  3. Creates a relaxing environment -boosting your mood and relieving anxiety.
  4. Reduces pain, while increases immunity and healing.
  5. Increases positive energy in the mind and body.
  6. Prevents depression.
  7. Assists in spiritual growth.
  8. Protects your home from negative energy.
  9. Relieves insomnia when placed in the bedroom.
  10. Increases energy levels, productivity, and focus.
  11. Created a beautiful Feng Shui Vibe.

Everything is Energy. When you release negative energy and add
the natural positive energy your life is filled with more of it!


1) Amethyst Rock - "a New Beginning":

  • Quantity: 1
  • Weight: close to 0.22lb.
  • Size: Random 

2) Tree of Life Necklace:

  • Quantity: 1 
  • Size:(approx) 30x30 mm Leather:1.5 mm
  • Chain Length:(approx)17 inch + 2 inch
  • Weight:(approx) 5 grams/pcs
  • Condition: Brand New

3) Healing Crystal Pendant: 

  • Quantity: 1 
  • Size: Mixed
  • weight: approx  3g
  • Material: Amethyst

How to Use it:

Place it anywhere where you think it's needed, Business Meetings, Dates, Family Reunions, Inside Your House, etc. Every time you look at it will make you remember who you are inside and how strong you are. Your energy mixed with the rock energy will bring so many good things to you.

So many people take the Amethyst Rock everywhere they go and their energy around have changed bringing them excellent results. Begin Today!


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